December 18-25, 2016: Christmastime in Bologna

It’s the final stretch of classes! Finally. I’ve been stressing over my essay for international law. It is very confusing. And it took me basically a whole week of working on it non-stop. I really wanted to finish it before mom and dad and Morgan get here. I wrote the longest paper I’ve ever written at 25 pages, and I didn’t even get an A. Why do we bother? I mean my paper was so long that my Word document was lagging. It’s so long. I’ve never worked so hard on a paper before. Usually, i can finish in a couple of days. But I can only write sections at a time. I’m getting worse at school. I really needed this time to write. It’s a good thing I didn’t leave for Christmas.

I’m also stressing about planning the trip because my parents are coming and I have to do the planning. I’m excited to see them after several months, but I’m stressing with preparations. And so I stress cleaned from 2-4am in the morning. Oddly enough, cleaning the apartment was comforting and stress relieving. I mopped and swiffered and bleached. My stupid windows are supposedly doubled paned but they have condensation buildup and it drips down the walls and makes puddles. Mold forms on the walls where it’s dripping. It’s a whole lot of trouble I don’t need. But it’s really satisfying having a clean apartment now.

I met up with some friends that were also sticking around in Bologna for Christmas. We had Chinese food at La Cina, one of the few Chinese restaurants in Bologna. I went with actual Chinese people so I let them order. The mapo tofu was not bad. Then we went to see Lion at Cinema Lumiere.

On Christmas eve, a bunch of us had a pot luck get together. It’s good to have our SAIS family during the holidays. Hina hosted and their place is literally on the other side of the city. I’m in the northeast and she’s in the southwest. It took me 30 minutes to walk over there and I got lost. I’ve never been to that part of town. I brought a tub of gelato over from my local gelateria. Needless to say, it was a hit.



I finally got around to watching the Rio Opening and closing ceremony. It was back in the summer, but while I was in Japan I didn’t get a chance to watch it. It was alright. I really like bossa nova. I liked the environmental theme. But the rest was kind of underwhelming.

In Bologna, there is a Christmas tree in Piazza Maggiore and lights all down via Independenza. The city is decorated. Even my street is well decorated in the University district. I walked past Midnight mass at San Pietro, the main church they use cause they don’t use San Petronio. I was tempted to go in, but I didn’t because I really have no interest in going to mass and I couldn’t really fake it. It was pretty crowded in there though.

I’ve become more nocturnal with no one to stop me and just staying home all day, it makes no difference if it’s light out or not. I’ll wake up at noon easily. It’s only gotten worse during break. It’s like I’ve lost all conception of time.

It’s actually kind of depressing being alone, for the holidays much less. My roommate left right after we finished class. I’m only alone for a few days before mom and dad and Morgan get here, but these days have gone by slowly. I never want to live alone. Must be like how grandma feels alone, and I at least have the internet. I’ve gone full days without saying a single word. Usually I enjoy my solitude, but I realize that I need people. It’s something you only discover after experiencing it. On Christmas day itself, I don’t know if I said a word. I applied to internships literally all day on Christmas day. Some Christmas, huh (spoiler alert: it paid off. an internship I applied to on Christmas day has paid off)?


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